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Stonewater Park Apartments in Louisville, KY

Louisville Megacavern

Hidden under the Louisville Zoo, the Mega Cavern, once a limestone quarry, houses the only underground zip line in the United States. An all underground Mega Zip lines and adventure tour featuring six underground zip lines, including a fun filled dual racing zip, two awesome challenge bridges that will test your skill, balance, and mettle, and an A.C.C.T. certified zip guide that will lead you on your 2.5 hour adventure through a portion of 17 miles of underground passageways beneath the city of Louisville. It's unlike anything you have ever seen before!

Kentucky Derby Museum

The Kentucky Derby Museum is one of the premiere attractions in the Louisville region, celebrating the tradition, history, hospitality and pride of the world-renowned event that is the Kentucky Derby.

Jack Fry's

Jack Fry’s is tucked away on Bardstown road in an old clubby historic building and is perhaps one of Louisville’s top “see and be seen” restaurants. Jack Fry’s manages to meld elegance with swank and consistently delivers one of Louisville’s finest menus. The pork sliders, sweet corn pastries, and cinnamon monkey bread are just a sampling of Jack Fry’s signature and beloved dishes.


Located in the exhilarating Louisville, Stonewater Park sets an extraordinary standard for another way of living. Experience life where you are, not stuck in a car or en route to somewhere else. In Louisville, you can experience fine dining, shopping, high-quality schools, and parks right outside your front door. Come home today to Stonewater Park.

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